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History, Drama and Myth: Mother Shipton's Cave

History, Drama and Myth: Mother Shipton's Cave

A relatively short journey inland from our Bridlington accommodation is the legendary Mother Shipton's Cave, the former reputed home of the witch and prophetess who lived in the Knaresborough area during the sixteenth century. Since 1641 there have been more than fifty different editions of books about Mother Shipton and her prophecies including some that purport to tell her life story in considerable detail. Believers in her her prophecies claim that she foretold many significant historical events, including the English Civil War, ships made of iron, the defeat of the Spanish Armada and even the end of the world itself.

The quickest and easiest way to reach this unique theme park is probably by train, with the station just a short distance from our holiday cottages, Bridlington. Visitors to the park are able to view a range of attractions and take part in a variety of activities including boating, the Petrifying Well, castle ruins, the Wishing Well, the Bebra Gardens and of course the famous cave itself. A full range of refreshments are available across the park which even has it's own public house. For further information about tickets visit

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