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Fudge fun for Pudding Lovers!

Fudge fun for Pudding Lovers!

Fresh Food, Great Flavours and Fudgey Fun at the Fudge Pudding Lovers' Event


The perfect event for any fanatic foodie, pudding lover or sweet-toothed socialite, come and test your taste buds at the Fudge Restaurant, on Wednesday 28th January, from 7:00pm.


Fudge Pudding Lovers' will be full of flavour and fun, set in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. With everyone seated at larger tables, the event aims to make this super sweet evening fun and informal! Your evening will consist of an appetizer from the main Restaurant Menu, plus a glass of wine. But, don’t forget to save room for the most important course of the night… the pudding!


You won’t be enjoying just one pudding, but seven homemade puddings will be paraded out and presented on the buffet table, along with pints of custard, chocolate, sauce and cream (have we convinced you yet?)


The rules of the Fudge Pudding Lovers’ Event will be read aloud to all taking part, and you will then have the opportunity to work out your tasteful tactics. Will you start of with the light and dainty treats? Will you dare to save your fave pud’ until last? Or, simply attempt a variation of desserts to try and quickly munch your way through each dessert?


The evening will conclude with vote for the favourite pudding, so, make sure you plan your ‘to-eat’ list wisely! A range of wines, beers and cocktails will also be available throughout the evening.


A perfect treat for the family, work colleagues, girls night out or even by yourself! For further information, contact details and to book your tickets, please visit the Fudge Restaurant website, shown below.


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Fudge Restaurant in Hull, our great Restaurant and Bakery on Princes Avenue, Hull for lunch, dinner, outside catering and cooking skills.

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