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Brilliantly Bonkers with Alice in Wonderland

Brilliantly Bonkers with Alice in Wonderland

On Saturday 15th March, at 2:00pm, The Spa Theatre Bridlington will host this not to be missed family adventure.


You are invited to join Alice on a daydream adventure, as she takes a tumble down a rabbit hole, and continues her wonderfully bizarre journey in Wonderland. Directed by Donna Riley and Charlotte Gray, and composed by Dennis Westgate, this imagination-based tale based on Lewis Carrol’s classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’ will have you grinning from ear to ear.

An excellent cast will bring Alice’s adventure to life from swimming in a pool of tears, running a Caucus-Race, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and various chatting animals along the way. With real tunes and a storyline that makes full use of the human imagination, this classic is one not to be missed (Try not to be late though, or you may very well loose your head!).

Ticket Prices start from just £5:00 per child and £11:00 per adult. For more information on this spectacular Musical Event and to book your tickets, please visit the Bridlington Spa website:

For information on the availability of our fully-furnished, family-run Holiday Cottages during the Alice in Wonderland Musical weekend, please contact us on: 01262 673743, or e-mail us at:

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