BlogLatest NewsA hole (weekend) in one – Escape to the countryside with a Luxury Golf Getaway

A hole (weekend) in one – Escape to the countryside with a Luxury Golf Getaway

A hole (weekend) in one – Escape to the countryside with a Luxury Golf Getaway

Truly escape from it all with a relaxing, yet fun-packed Golfing weekend away with your loved one at The Grainary.

Are you familiar with the feeling of pining for a weekend away, but you are unsure where to go or what to do? Do you fancy doing something a bit different, with opportunities to take part in exciting activities, and also relax in the idyllic countryside?

Have you considered an exciting Golfing weekend away with your partner? Imagine waking up to the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, where the most stressful decisions you will make are whether to play 9 or 18 holes; whether you will take a relaxing stroll around the northern countryside or spend the day getting pampered at the local Spa…

Everyday life can get busy and often extremely stressful. A luxurious Golf getaway can offer the ultimate escape to reconnect with your special someone and enable you to truly unwind from the worries of day-to-day tasks. That’s why we are offering you a luxurious weekend away with us at North Kingsfield, where we can book a Golfing place for you at the Bridlington Golf Club, before you arrive.

Not only can you relax and unwind on the green, there are also a variety of events that you can attend at the Bridlington Golf Club at your leisure. The Jamie Coughlin Fund Raising event on the 29th March and the Easter event on Friday 18th April are both very popular events and will ensure a great deal of entertainment! For details on these events, please visit the Bridlington Golf Club website at:

The Grainary luxury holiday cottage at North Kingsfield is ideal for couples and ticks all the boxes for your perfect golfing weekend away! With a spacious open-plan living room, farmhouse style kitchen, beautiful double bedroom and a spa bath with whirlpool jet, what better way to spend your weekend?

To book your Golfing weekend, or for more information, please contact us on: 01262 673743, or e-mail us at:

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